5 Vending Machines for Ladies Washrooms: Safer Happier Customers!

Ladies washrooms can have all manner of vending machines but in this article, I want to give you some ideas for some alternative vending machines that could help to keep customers safe and also offer the chance to make some profit.

So, let’s have a look at what alternative vending machines you can put in a lady’s washroom to enhance your customer experience and make it for a better experience for everyone.

Let’s get started!

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Flats Shoes Vending Machines

You can sell shoes through vending machines in the ladies’ washroom that are flats so that ladies can change out their high heels when things get a little bit difficult.

This could prove popular late in the night, in drinking establishments, where women simply do not want to walk around in high heels the whole evening.

This was pioneered in Las Vegas by a company called Roller Soul who also sell shoes in local stores in that area.

Their flats sell for anywhere from $20 to $40. You can immediately see that this wouldn’t need a huge amount of shoes to make it a very lucrative prospect for customers in a lady’s washroom.

Hair Straightener Vending Machine

These coin operated vending machines can help ladies to straighten their hair on the fly. If they have a mishap on their night out, this convenient and simple service is handy and also sanitary.

It is sanitary because the heating in the hair straighteners keeps them making for few hygiene issues with this service.

It also could be very helpful for women who want to simply retouch part of their hair when they go to the restroom for a quick spruce up.

Breathalyzer Vending Machines

Now these can go in any washrooms. But perhaps people haven’t considered putting a breathalyzer vending machine in a lady’s washroom specifically.

There are various vending machine breathalyzer options out there on the market. Women also need this service, but currently there are not many around.

So, why not place one in a ladies’ washroom to maximize the potential and to help customers stay safe and drive home only if they are legally able to?

Breathalyzers could be sold for anywhere from $40 to $60 in this way and would help to keep everyone safe.

And by this, I mean proper breathalyzers. Not the gimmicky ones that you see in some vending machines or machines in bars.

These should be fuel cell breathalyzers, hence the cost of around $40 to $60. They are more than a single use and people can use them time and time again.

Personal Safety Alarm

Selling personal safety alarms on a key ring could be a very good addition to your vending machine offering in the ladies’ washroom.

Now you might think that this makes your establishment look less safe. In fact, it can help any ladies who are out perhaps on their own or have lost their friends and feeling unsafe for their way home.

There are many times when this could be very useful.

Vending Machine For Lipstick

Photo Credit: Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Offering lipstick through a vending machine could be an incredibly popular and lucrative offering for any customers in a lady’s washroom.

This could be particularly popular in night venues where ladies will be out for the evening. They can also work in just about any lady’s washroom you could imagine.

Anyone who wears lipstick on a date might get caught short or have some mishap that could need them to go and buy more. The washroom could be the perfect place to get that backup.

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines

With starting a period early out in public, a known predicament for women, is daunting. Having a sanitary napkin vending machine in the ladies’ washroom is an excellent offering.

Period related problems can make women feel completely uncomfortable and looking for a solution at any possible time. That’s why having one of these sanitary pad dispensers in a lady’s washroom is a must.

It will make the customers feel much more comfortable and happier to return there. They would feel thankful that it got them out of a difficult situation when they most needed it.

Having this offering in a lady’s washroom could be an incredibly helpful addition to any services you offer. It will be much appreciated by the clientele.

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