Vending Machine Beverage Labels: EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Beverage labels for your vending machine not only look nice but are also a legal requirement.

These simple beverage labels help your customer to choose their product and also offer key regulatory information, as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA since 2016.

The key points to consider around beverage labels, including dimensions, where to get them and all the rules you need to follow are covered below in detail.

Let’s jump right in!

Vending Machine Beverage Labels are the Rectangular or Vertical Ones in the Buttons for Selecting a Product

2 soda vending machines with the beverage labels highlighted
The two soda vending machines above show the beverage labels on each with yellow highlighting. Photo Credit: Nik Astra on Unsplash

Vending machine beverage labels discussed here refer to the labels used in the buttons customers press to choose their drink and are not labels on the actual beverage cans or bottles.

These are also sometimes called ‘vending machine flavor strips’ since they are in rectangular format and show the customer the flavor of the soda or beverage, which makes sense!

However, if you are instead looking for information on vending machine price labels, then check out my dedicated article on that topic now!

What size beverage labels do you need for your vending machine?

Check the make and model of your vending machine and then search the product description of any website selling these labels for compatibility with your machine before buying. If unsure, give the company a call and they will happily help.

To help you further with this, let’s have a look at some more detailed examples of flavor strips for different vending machines and their dimensions below.

Vending Machine Beverage Label Dimensions

There are several main types of beverage labels depending on the manufacturer of the machine, as shown in the table below with dimensions:

Vending Machine ManufacturerOrientationDimensions
Dixie Narco (owned by Crane Merchandising Systems)Landscape5 5/16″ x 7 13/16″
Royal ChameleonPortrait3 5/8″ x 10″
Standard 1Portrait3/4″ x 3 19/32″
Standard 2Portrait2 5/16″ x 3 1/2″

The above ‘flavor strip’ labels are all offered by D&S Vending Inc. in the US.

Choose the Right Size Beverage Labels for Your Product AND Machine

As you can no doubt see from the above information, you need to make sure that you choose beverage labels that are the right size and that match a given vending machine beverage in both serving size and brand.

This again comes back to the regulatory need for providing key calorie information on beverage products

Where to Buy Beverage Labels for Your Vending Machine?

The main suppliers offering beverage labels or flavor stips in the USA are as follows:

The above all offer high quality and reputable beverage labels for your soda vending machine, although you may find vending machine suppliers closer to you if you are looking for a more connected relationship as you build your vending machine business.

Can you print your own vending machine beverage labels?

Don’t be tempted to print your own labels or buy them cheap on eBay since vending machine beverage labels follow strict copyright and US FDA regulations since 2016, including the need to indicate size and calorie count on the label.

At the time of writing, providing key calorie information on vending machine beverage labels is mandatory for vendors who operate over 20 machines and optional for those with fewer than 20 machines, although be sure to consult the legal requirements directly to check for any updates or changes.

For more on the current vending machine labeling regulations, see this section of the article on the US FDA’s website: Vending Machine Labeling Requirements.

Printing your own beverage labels could also lead to legal problems with the parent company over image copyright, which you definitely do not want as part of your vending machine business.

Instead, it is much better to buy these from an official supplier since their print quality will be guaranteed and last a long time. Any legal challenges will then also be their responsibility as the seller of the labels, so you won’t then need to worry about meeting legal requirements.

What are HVV labels on a vending machine?

HVV is short for High Visibility Vender, a type of beverage vending machine by Royal Vendors that has refrigeration and is suitable for outdoor use. You will see beverage labels offered for ‘HVV’ machines given their widespread use and popularity.

You can quickly and easily check whether your soda vending machine is an ‘HVV’ model by looking at the serial plate, as explained in more detail on page 8 of in the Royal Vendors’ official HVV instruction manual.

Vending Machine Beverage Labels for those in Areas without Regulation

If your local jurisdiction/territory does not have any regulatory laws/rules on vending machine beverage labels then you can buy some on eBay, with vendors selling DVD discs containing thousands of labels.

Once again, before buying any of these items, please check that they meet the local copyright and regulatory laws in your territory to avoid any complications further ahead as trying to save a few pennies here could end up costing a lot more in future if you do not meet the legal requirements or break any rules.

How do you change a label on a soda machine?

Open the vending machine and then fold out the coin mechanism to get access to the beverage labels on your machine from behind. Then you simply slip the labels out from the top of the slot and can replace them with new ones.

For a full demonstration on changing beverage selection labels on a soda machine, check out the YouTube video below by the Mercado Channel on how to quickly and easily install beverage labels into a standard vending machine:

<iframe type=”text/html” frameborder=”0″ width=”1920″ height=”1080″ src=”″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

With that done, you should now be able to change your labels without hassle and get the job done nice and quickly!

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