Pros and Cons of Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy vending machines have been popping up all over the place, and for good reason. They provide a great way to offer healthy food options in an environment where it is hard for people to make their own choice about what to eat. However, they also come with some disadvantages that you should be aware of before making your final decision. We will cover both the pros and cons of these machines so you can see which option would work best for you!

Pro: Healthy Vending Machines Provide More Choice

The benefits of healthy vending machines are that they provide people with more choice. For example, if you’re craving a donut for breakfast but instead want to eat something healthier like oatmeal or eggs there’s no problem!

You can just go buy the item from your office snack machine and be set – it is available 24/hours every day at work so this should help take away some stress about what food options may exist outside when time gets tight during lunch hours in particular (or other times).

Healthy snacks will also typically include items such as fruit cups which many offices do not offer free access to without paying extra money on top because these types of foods have lower profit margins than unhealthy ones offered by their competitors.

And vending machines that offer healthy options are also on-demand! When someone needs or wants water during their workday – it’s there waiting and ready without having to go search around in an office pantry looking (and hoping) somebody has left bottled waters behind from yesterday’s break time selection.

Pro: Healthy Vending Machines Help to Improve People’s Health

Healthy vending machines will provide many people with an easy and convenient way to maintain their healthy choices without having to go hunt around in the office for healthy snacks.

The fact is, most workplaces still do not offer free access or any selection of fruit cups that are available at a lower cost than soda pop cans – which means if someone wants this kind food option they would have had buy it from a grocery store, which adds to the time taken during their day.

Pro: People’s Mood Improves from Having a Healthy Choice

Having a healthy vending machine option on site can contribute to more positive moods and feelings among the people at that location.

Eating fresh, healthy food is a known way to improve someone’s mood.

The regular availability of healthy snacks and drinks could also lead to more productivity, as well.

Pro: People are More Likely to Maintain a Healthy Diet With More Healthy Options

The availability of healthy snacks can make it easier for people who want or need the opportunity. It is generally recognized that most Americans don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits, which makes vending machines with these items an excellent choice as they offer convenience without compromising on health benefits such as maintaining good diet habits at work will help them achieve their personal fitness goals outside office hours too! Conventional wisdom would say yes; healthier food options available within walking distance from where we spend so much time every day – in our offices-should be no surprise given all those messages about sitting being bad (everyone knows someone has had one foot propped up behind his desk) but what’s been missing until

Con: Food in Healthy Vending Machines Can Go Bad

The food in the machine can go bad if it is not stocked regularly. You do need to take into account that healthy snacks are perishable items and they don’t last as long, so you will have a shorter timeline of maybe two days before someone notices there’s no more carrots left or oranges for sale at your work vending machines!

This means stocking healthier foods on top of any other products offered by this company may be an additional cost many companies cannot handle when coming up with budgets each year (or even month).

The lack of freshness might make some employees feel hesitant about picking these types over unhealthy options because people who eat fruits typically want them fully ripe – which isn’t a guarantee with vending machines, not least because people can handle and pick up the items.

Con: When Fresh Food in a Vending Machine Goes Bad, It Needs to Be Cleaned Quickly

Fresh food in a vending machine can go bad without warning. This means that the machine needs regular visits and possibly cleaning.

Healthcare professionals recommend cleaning these machines weekly to avoid contaminating other items with germs from spoiled produce; some companies might only clean them monthly.

Con: Healthy Eaters Usually Come Prepared with their Own Food

Some healthy eaters are able to come prepared with their own food, which will likely negate the need for vending machines or additional costs.

These people may have some containers on hand that they can fill up at any fresh produce section of a grocery store and bring into work each day – even if it just is an apple in one container!

They might also pack pre-prepared salads from home (though this option would require refrigeration).

Another thing many offices and campuses now offer options like microwaves so people don’t necessarily rely on the types of cold items like unprocessed fruits/veggies that are typical in a healthy vending machine.

This means that the demand for such items from a vending machine might be lower than you’d expect, so it’s worth investigating further before having a healthy vending machine installed.

Figure Out What that Audience Wants Before Investing in a Healthy Vending Machine

While the benefits of healthy food vending machines seem to outweigh the negatives, it is worth considering that there are many people who either do not have time or simply don’t want a healthier option.

If someone already has their lunch in hand and they’re going back for one more thing before heading out – chances may be slim these individuals will select applesauce when chips sit right next door if both options offer similar prices (or no price differences at all).

It might also feel like too much work because employees would need to move from machine-to,-machine looking around at what each offers, which can become tedious after a while!

Plus some food outlets on work sites or campuses actually provide free fruits with meals as part of side offerings so this could reduce demand for certain completely.

With that said, some people may be less likely to buy chips if they have the option for a healthier alternative, so providing a healthy vending machine option can also be a good way to promote a healthy workforce, although that choice will ultimately always be left to the individual.

Summary: Pros and Cons of Healthy Vending Machines:

Some people have said healthy food options in vending machines are a good idea, but they may not be the best option for every company.

The additional costs that come with stocking healthier foods can sometimes outweigh any potential benefits it has on employees’ health – at least when you’re only looking to make changes within one year or even a month!

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