PPE Vending Machines: Where, How Much and More!

Personal protective equipment, or ‘PPE’ has gone mainstream with the COVID-19 global pandemic as people, organizations and governments all over the world look to slow the spread of the virus.

As with so many products these days, PPE can be purchased conveniently from a vending machine, with lots of options available.

As these PPE vending machines are set to become more and more common in our everyday lives, below is a guide to this rapidly expanding and innovative sector of the vending machine market.

Let’s dive in!

What are PPE vending machines?

These machines offer ‘personal protective equipment’ like masks, goggles and sanitizer. They have become popular for offering face masks due to COVID-19, although they are also used in construction for businesses to provide hard hats for workers, for example.

Note that this article focuses on the use of PPE vending machines for responding to the COVID-19 global pandemic, rather than for use in heavy industry or construction companies.

How much does a PPE vending machine cost?

$1,995 is the starting cost for a simple PPE vending machine in the US, with D&S Vending offering the empty AP 113. For a high quality PPE machine on Amazon, see the Seaga PPE vending machine. Prices from other vending distributors elsewhere are $6,000+.

Such distributors include US-based vending machine PPE suppliers such as Discount Vending and My PPE.

My PPE Vending Machines

As their website states, My PPE is not a franchise, but is instead an enterprise that seeks to offer health and safety equipment to people by harnessing local entrepreneurs to partner with them along the way.

As a further note, My PPE offer advice and support to vending machine entrepreneurs who partner with them, based on partners having a genuine interest in the health and safety products that My PPE offer.

How much does a PPE mask vending machine cost?

$150-$300 for a small, countertop or wall-mounted mask machine or $800-$1800 for a full-size mask vending machine. These prices vary greatly given that some offered contactless card payments while others are simply coin operated.

All prices above are based on the cost as advertised on the Chinese marketplace site, Alibaba. Note that although known for wholesale products and commerce, many of the mask vending machines available on Alibaba can be bought as individual items, without needing to buy in bulk or wholesale.

PPE Vending Machine Models Currently Available

Many vending machines can be customized to offer PPE products, but some of the main offerings currently available for immediate

DSV Duravend 40-20 PPE Vending Machine$5,495.00
Sani CenterPPE Vending MachineNot stated.
Automatic ProductsAP 113$1,995.00 (as offered by D&S Vending)
SeagaInfinity PPE (4-wide and 5-wide)Check on Amazon USA

PPE Vending Machine for Sale

You can find PPE vending machines for sale on Amazon, Alibaba and other vending machine companies, as listed in the section below.

Before making a purchase, be sure to check that any PPE vending machine you look at buying will suit your needs and intended location since there is a wide variety of options available even in this seemingly very small niche sector.

PPE Vending Machine Companies

The main PPE vending machine companies available to US customers are as follows:

You can see an example of the wall-mounted PPE vending machine offering by Chicago Vending in the video below:

PPE Vending Machine Rental

If you are instead looking to rent a PPE vending machine, the following companies offer rental and lease options:

Again, their terms and conditions can vary greatly so be sure to read all the smallprint before agreeing to any contract or business venture with any of the organizations listed here or elsewhere.

PPE Vending Machine Franchise

There are currently no active PPE franchising opportunities in the USA. While researching for this article, I came across dead links to the following past PPE vending machine franchise opportunities:

  • Mask Express
  • Stay Safe Vending
  • PPE2GO

It is hard to say exactly what happened to the above PPE vending machine franchise offerings since most of their websites are no longer available.

However, you may still be able to find franchising opportunities with vending machine businesses and simply customize the machine and branding to suit a PPE set up, removing the need for any franchising.

COVID Test Kit Vending Machines in the UK

If you are in the UK, Stop the Spread Solutions actually offer a touch-free PPE vending machine to be installed in high-traffic areas free of charge. Their machines offer the rapid antigen tests.

See details on their website for contacts and more information.

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